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Don’t let the noise outshine the rest.

Posted 1/10/2020

We tend to think that an exhaust system only removes harmful gases produced in the engine, however, an exhaust system does a lot more. The exhaust system has four main functions to keep your car running: engine performance improvement, fuel consumption enhancement, noise control, and carries away gases.

The longer it takes for exhaust gases to exit your vehicle, the longer it requires to take in oxygen and create extra power. If you have an exhaust system that’s in excellent working condition it will allow your vehicle to breath better and faster, which means more capacity and better performance. The quicker exhaust leaves your vehicle, the better the fuel consumption you’ll have since your engine is available to take in clean oxygen.

As your engine runs, it generates thousands of little sounds bursts as highly pressurized gas is released. After dangerous elements have been eliminated from the exhaust gases, the gases travel through your vehicle’s muffler, which ‘tune’s your engine’s output, to reduces the sound of the gases leaving the vehicle.

For the exhaust gases to be routed out of the vehicle, the gases are collected by the exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold acts as a funnel, capturing gases from the cylinders and freeing them through a single pipe.

If you hear any odd sounds coming from your exhaust or have concerns about the condition of your exhaust system, we recommend taking your car to one of our locally owned KJVR Undercar Fitment shops in Bronkhorstspruit and Delmas. Our qualified exhaust specialist will be able to assist you to identify the fault and recommend a proper solution.