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Going off the rails!

Posted 1/8/2020

A smooth ride can certainly make or break your trip.

Wheel alignment forms part of typical automobile upkeep that involves adjusting the angles of the wheels on your vehicle. The vital reason why wheel alignment is crucial for safe driving is the need to lessen tensions and strains on your vehicle suspension components and improve the control of your vehicle.

When driving on a straight and even road surface your vehicle will pull to one side, while other symptoms of improper wheel alignment include the steering wheel to go of center when driving in a straight direction and your tyres will start to shriek when you need to turn your vehicle.

Leaving your tyres unbalanced can lead to uneven wear and unnecessary risky driving situations, therefore, consistent wheel alignment will expand your tyre life and support your vehicle when driving in a straight manner.

Surely things can change, if your vehicle were involved in an accident or need an annual checkup, wheel alignment is just one of the many services KJVR Undercar Fitments provides. If you believe your vehicle needs to be checked by one of our automotive experts, we have shops in Bronkhorstspruit and Delmas.

Wheel alignmentWheel alignment