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How frequently should your wheel alignment be done?

Posted 8/6/2019

Wheel alignment is the process of reviewing and modifying the angles of the wheels related to each other and the car frame.

Why do you need to do wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is essential because with time the wheel angles change. This occurs as an effect of the deforming and wear of several rubber bushings in the vehicle suspension and weakening of the springs. Besides that, the wheel alignment needs to be reviewed after knocking deep potholes and curbs, especially after accidents. You'll also need to check your wheel alignment after replacement any of the important suspension or steering components. Furthermore, it should be done when lowering or raising the suspension. 


What are the signs of incorrect wheel alignment? 

– the steering wheel is off-center when driving straight 

– the vehicle pulls to one side when driving on a straight and even road 

– the vehicle doesn't hold the road well, feels wobbly, strays from side to side 

– tires are shrieking when turning 

– tires wear unevenly 


What are the advantages of doing your wheel alignment? 

Your tires, as well as suspension and steering components, will last longer and your vehicle will manage better. You might see that after the wheel alignment, the car handles the road better and feels more steady. Again, this is even more prominent if you have a sporty car or more extended tyres. 

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