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Important things you need to know about exhaust silinder systems

Posted 8/6/2019

How Car Exhaust Systems Work

Each time your car operates, inside the engine there are thousands of tiny explosions occurring. Each explosion generates power. It does this when it forces against the pistons of the engine.

A side effect of the explosions is that, besides generating power, they produce leftover gas too.


The gas carries potentially dangerous chemicals. They include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

To stop the gases from penetrating the cabin and causing people to inhale them, they have to be conducted away from the engine compartment. This is the main function of a car exhaust system.

If exhaust gases go straight into the environment, it causes them to affect more people. Not to consider, the non-stop engine discharges also produce noise pollution.

The car exhaust systems of today, have been created to take care of all these problems.


Uses of a Car Exhaust System

A car exhaust system has three essential duties. They include:

  • To manage all exhaust fumes from the engine to behind the vehicle
  • To reduce discharges by reducing the number of toxic chemicals in the fumes
  • To reduce the noise caused by the explosions which transpire during the fuel combustion process.

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