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Vehicle’s Engine Oil Warning signs

Posted 8/23/2019

-Check Engine Light

The most common sign will be from your car itself; your cars check engine light shouldn’t be ignored. Your vehicle Check engine light will light up when there isn’t enough oil in your engine system. You can check this through using your vehicle's engine dipstick. If there’s something More serious wrong the light will stay on meaning that there might have been internal damage due to the lack of lubrication over time.


-Noisy engine

Oil aids as a protector for your engine and its part, by adding lubrication on your engine system avoiding metal on metal contact keeping your engine running smooth and soft. If you hear any strange noises from the engine sounding like knocking or rumbling means that there is something more serious wrong. This could be a sign of your engine breaking itself apart within due to the lack of lubrication.


-Dark engine oil

Oil should be amber and ever so slightly see-through consistency. As the oil is being used it is normal to darken a bit as it picks up particles. You won’t pick up dark oil without checking the oil of your car frequently, at least once a month. When you can’t see your engine dipstick though the oil its time to change your vehicle's oil.


-Smelling oil within your car

You shouldn’t smell oil within your vehicle. If you do it might be a sign of an oil leak. If you smell other fumes it could be a sign of your vehicle overheating, either way, it would be wise to get your vehicle checked up it might be due for maintenance or in need of a service.


-Smoke coming from vehicle's Exhaust 

There shouldn’t be any smoke coming out from your car's exhaust; a little translucent vapor is expected anything more can be a sign of faulty engine parts or an oil leak.


-High Mileage

If you traveled more this month than normal. It might be a good idea to change your vehicle's oil earlier than planned. Your vehicle comes with a user manual that will have guidelines you should use when changing your vehicle's oil. If your car has high mileage or is an older model, consider using a high mileage oil.


Bottom Line

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