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When to start worrying about you vehicles suspension

Posted 8/6/2019

What does a front controle arm do?

It attaches the frame or body of a car to the assembly that holds a front wheel. This assembly is called a steering knuckle. 


Control arms are attached to the frame or body of a car through compliant rubber bushings, called controle arm bushings. This allows a control arm to pivot up and down as front wheels trundle over lumps and potholes. The outer end of a control arm has a ball joint. Control arms have a highly significant role holding both front wheels on the road. If a control arm is unreasonably worn, damaged or bent, the vehicle is NOT SAFE to drive.

Control arm problems

There are a several reasons why a control arm may need to be reinstated. A worn-out ball joint that cannot be renewed is one of the most usual reasons. A ball joint is an notably critical component. If it wears out, the car is hazardous to drive: the front wheel can separate from the lower suspension making the vehicle lose control. 


Worn out or ripped control arm bushings is an added reason a control arm may need to be replaced. The control arm is also the most well-known part that bends in a accident concerning one of the front wheels or after hitting the curb. A bent control arm needs to be replaced.

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